About Paige Nicole – What does lifestyle mean anyway?

Welcome to my Blog!

Lifestyle with a Modern Twist. What does Lifestyle Mean Anyway? I have asked myself that question many times over the last 10 years.

Lifestyle according to Google means, the way in which a person or group lives.

But that still doesn’t answer the question!

So, what does Lifestyle mean anyway?

Lifestyle to me is a person’s personal account of their life interests and what drives them to live life to the fullest. Their own thoughts and ideas about life! Questions I often come across always are the same. What helps you get through the day? Do you have a family to support? How can I help make your life simpler? What would have helped make your life a little easier if you had known that information ahead of time?

It seems there is always a modern (New Age) upgrade (New Trend) to our home-style or way of life that we can benefit from, but do we really need it? I created By Paige Nicole to help answer questions like this that I know many people struggle to keep up with. I myself, am constantly searching for why (this or that) works and how! How can I use this knowledge to benefit my life? I will answer these problems here!

Bringing forward my own thoughts and ideas with creative ways to live a simpler more modern lifestyle has been a focus of mine for years! But I didn’t always know it. I always knew I was great at research throughout my grade school and college education, but applying it to life was something I was not familiar with. I could always find the answers I needed, I just needed to apply them and not accept the first answer I came across as fact! I need to learn how to research ways to make my life easier and that’s when I first came across life hacks. We still see those talked about today. But this is not a lifestyle hacking blog. Or is it?

I’m married now, a mother of 3 beautiful children, and I found myself searching for answers again after being laid off from my job at the hospital when Covid hit my city in 2020. I was scared and did not know how this pandemic would affect me and my loved ones. But that did not stop me! After a lot of soul searching, RESEARCH, planning, and with all of the questions we find ourselves running to Google to answer for us, this blog was born!

Follow me and help me answer your most searched Google topics! The answers you needed most without any research on your part! Welcome to By Paige Nicole! I will see you in the comments!